‘My heart’s hurting’: Sun Records heir mourns Lisa Marie Presley


(NewsNation) — The entire entertainment universe is heartbroken this week with the passing of Lisa Marie Presley, the beloved only child of Elvis Presley.

“People talk about Elvis Presley being the king of rock and roll. And I think a lot of people often saw Lisa Marie, as a princess,” said Brian Mansfield, journalist and music historian. “In terms of American music, she’s royalty.”

Presley died Thursday, hours after being hospitalized following an apparent cardiac arrest.

“The passing of Lisa Marie has been a real shock to everybody in my family. And I think most people in the world that loved Elvis loved her too.” said Jerry Phillips, the son of Sun Record founder Sam Phillips.

And nobody knew the Presley family quite like the Phillipses. Jerry Phillips’ father, Sam Phillips discovered Elvis, produced many of his early hits, and is credited with introducing the world to the king of rock and roll.

“There’s a lot of pride involved in that. Because, you know, I know where it started. And it started with my father,” Phillips said.

Jerry met Elvis when he was 7 years old. He’s listened to countless Elvis tales from his late father, and recalled late-night jam sessions and early morning breakfasts with The King.

“I was like everybody else in the world. They wanted to be Elvis, you know. I mean, because he was the absolute coolest person you could ever want to meet. I mean, like, you know, like the molecular structure of the room would change when he came in,” Phillips said.

That chemistry that Elvis embodied, it extended to his family, but especially Lisa Marie, whom he adored and loved dearly. He named his jet after her, and gave her the famous Graceland estate.

“Graceland represents both her home (and) her connection to the public that loved her father’s music. And it’s also now going to be her final resting place,” Mansfield said.

Jerry said he’s been to Graceland a bunch of times, even performing on the property. He said it’s still so moving to see, young and old, how many folks are touched by the Presleys.

“It just shows you the power of it. I think everybody that loved Elvis also loved Lisa Marie,” Phillips said. “My heart’s hurting, like I think everybody’s heart is hurting even if you didn’t know her at all. If you were an Elvis fan, you get the chance to feel this is really a tragic loss.”

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