Abrams: Cuomo makes clear effort to say ‘I’m not a Democrat’

(NewsNation) — Despite coming from a family of Democratic leaders, NewsNation’s Dan Abrams said former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo can challenge leaders on both sides of the political aisle on his newly announced NewsNation show.

Chris Cuomo’s father, Mario, was governor of New York for three terms, while his brother, Andrew Cuomo, served in the same position from 2011 through 2021, before resigning amid allegations he sexually harassed multiple women, including state employees. Both were Democrats.

But Chris Cuomo “makes a pretty clear effort to say: I’m not a Democrat. That’s not who I am politically,” Abrams said, after speaking to the journalist for his first media interview since being ousted from CNN in December. Cuomo was fired after text messages released by the New York Attorney General’s Office revealed he had communicated with his brother’s advisers and relayed what he heard from sources regarding the former governor.

So, what’s next for Chris Cuomo?

“Chris is a believer in multiple parties, that there ought to be more than just the two-party system,” Abrams said.”A lot of people share that point of view. And I think if that’s the Chris Cuomo we see, that’s going to be a really interesting, compelling guy in this next chapter.”


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