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Chris Cuomo’s new podcast among Apple’s top shows

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Correction: An earlier version of this report incorrectly described the allegations against Andrew Cuomo.

(NewsNation) — Chris Cuomo’s new podcast is among Apple iTune’s “Top Shows,” climbing the rankings in both “news” and “all categories” over the weekend.

Cuomo, a former CNN anchor who is getting a new show on NewsNation, launched the podcast, called “The Chris Cuomo Project,” last week. It aims to present Cuomo’s take on current events, and explore how these stories are covered by “all sides of the media.”

As of late Saturday morning, “The Chris Cuomo Project” was No. 2 in Apple’s Top Show’s “news” category, just behind The New York Times podcast “The Daily.” Cuomo’s podcast was eighth overall in “all categories.”

“Thank you Thank you Thank you,” Cuomo said on Twitter.

“We will keep expanding the discussion to struggles beyond politics…that we all deal with…we can help each other…we have to,” he said in a later tweet.

Cuomo’s latest episode of the podcast featured an interview with Sen. Joe Manchin, where the Virginia Democrat declined to officially endorse President Joe Biden in the 2024 election, despite both of them being in the same party.

Cuomo pressed Manchin on the podcast, saying “I don’t think I have ever heard a sitting senator that is a member of a party not automatically say: ‘Oh yeah, the sitting president is in my party, I’m for them.’”

In response, Manchin said he’s always “for the right person when they’re running,” but he doesn’t believe people in West Virginia will support a national democratic figure right now.

Cuomo’s NewsNation show is set to start this fall.

He announced it during an exclusive interview with NewsNation’s Dan Abrams Live. In the interview, Cuomo talked about being fired from his role at CNN.

Cuomo is the brother of former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was accused last year by multiple women of sexual harassment.

He was let go from CNN after text messages released by the New York attorney general last year showed he communicated with his brother’s advisers and relayed what he heard from sources regarding the former governor.

During the interview with Abrams, Cuomo also addressed sexual misconduct allegations made against himself as well, where an ABC employee said he badgered her for sex then assaulted her.

“I denied the allegation at the time,” Cuomo said. “Nothing has changed.”

Despite being from a family of Democratic leaders (his father, Mario, was also governor of New York from 1983 to 1994), Cuomo said he can be unbiased in his new show.


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