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New Orleans woman trades Taylor Swift tour tickets for a year of free pizza

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— A New Orleans woman and her friend made a pizza owner’s wildest dreams come true. Zander White at Zee’s Pizzeria offered free pizza for a year to anyone who could give him and his wife tickets to see mega-superstar Taylor Swift.

New Orleans resident Jeannine Davidson saw on Facebook that Zee’s Pizzeria was offering free pizza for a year in exchange for Swift tickets to her ‘The Eras’ tour.

“My friend Suzie Coe, who lives in South Carolina bought two tickets previously for the Taylor Swift show in Houston,” Davidson told Nexstar’s WGNO. “Then when she realized where we were sitting she didn’t like them, so she went and bought two other seats. So I texted her as a joke, asking if she still had the other two tickets, and so she replied back yes, and that I should contact Zee’s to get a free pizza.”

Jeannie and Suzie then went to Zee’s and met with White.

“Suzie came in the day we were flying to Houston, and when we got Zander the tickets he was grinning from ear to ear when we logged into Ticketmaster,” Davidson said.

As for getting to eat free pizza now she said, “I get it for a full year. I’m going to try and go as often as I can. I’m trying to stay healthy, that’s always the challenge, but it is great pizza.”

Zander White, the owner of Zee’s Pizzeria on Baronne Street, told WGNO he and his wife are big fans of Taylor Swift but they couldn’t figure out a way to get tickets because “They are way too expensive and too hard to get.”

Like thousands of others, it’s been tough for White to get tickets — especially after last fall’s Ticketmaster fiasco that led to a major system meltdown due to record-high demand.

So, White thought, why not put up a sign at his pizzeria that says, “Free Pizza For Swift Tix?”

Zander and his wife ended up going to the Houston show and he said his favorite part was “Taylor’s non-stop commanding performance, while simultaneously being super down to earth and relatable. She is a giant celebrity, but comes across as so normal.”


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