Quadridextrous artist draws with both hands and feet

  • Rajacenna is a quadridextrous artist from the Netherlands
  • An EEG scan revealed her left and right brain were connected while drawing
  • "For me, art is really an outlet and a way to express myself"

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (NewsNation) — A quadridextrous artist from the Netherlands can draw six hyper-realistic portraits at a time using both her hands and feet.

As a former child prodigy, Rajacenna became well known when she was 16 years old after being discovered by an American art publisher.

Rajacenna said she started drawing with both her hands in 2019 after experiencing some scary health issues.

“I was a little bit sad that I couldn’t draw for so many years, and I couldn’t practice. So I started drawing with both my hands,” she told NewsNation. “And then a journalist asked me if I could draw with my feet. So I tried that. And then I discovered I could also draw with my feet.”

Being ambidextrous is a rarity on its own. According to The Healthy Journal, only 1% of the world population is ambidextrous, while 90% of the world is right-handed and the remaining percent is left-handed.

“I didn’t realize it by myself that it was something special,” Rajacenna said. “I thought everyone could do it.”

She explained she tried it out by drawing two eyes with her feet. Once she realized she could do that, she started drawing six portraits at the same time.

Rajacenna said it definitely requires patience when she works this way, explaining that she tries to quiet her mind before she starts rolling out the paint. She even puts on an audiobook to listen to during her process.

Neurologists discovered through an EEG scan that Rajacenna’s left brain and right brain were completely connected while drawing. She found the results surprising, especially since they found out there was activity similar to epilepsy.

“I really didn’t realize that, but for me, it’s like a dreamlike state,” she said that drawing that way feels like a meditation. “Luckily, it doesn’t bother me.”

Rajacenna said she loves to draw her favorite celebrities, the people who inspire her and things from her imagination.

“I love to create art. For me, art is really an outlet and a way to express myself. That is the most important thing, to make art and express myself,” she said.


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