Queen Elizabeth II’s impact on pop culture


(NewsNation) — Over the past 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was a pop culture staple, appearing in movies and magazines spanning over decades and many generations.

In fact, she was the first monarch to honor rock stars.

“If you look back at the ’60s, during Beatlemania, she invited the Beatles to Buckingham Palace,” said Carly Henderson, an entertainment journalist and pop culture expert. “She really understood and recognized the role of British pop culture and she wanted to celebrate that this music was being exported to the rest of the world and embraced on such a massive level that the U.K. really hadn’t seen like that before.”

The queen’s life inspired actresses to portray her in dozens of films and TV shows, including the Netflix series “The Crown,” “The Simpsons,” “SNL” skits and movies like “The Queen,” “Naked Gun” and “National Lampoon’s European Vacation.”

Of course the U.K.-based British comedy troupe known as Monty Python paid tribute to the queen numerous times, even once titling a sketch “The Queen Will Be Watching.”

Queen Elizabeth II even played herself alongside Daniel Craig as James Bond during the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.

For many people, the corgi is forever linked to Queen Elizabeth II.

Released in 2019, “The Queen’s Corgi” follows the misadventures of the monarch’s precious, Rex, who is accidental exiled from Buckingham Place and must find his way back.

The queen has owned more than than 30 corgis and dorgies, which is a cross between a dachshund and a corgi, throughout her life. The Duke and Duchess of York, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, will be the ones looking after the two corgis the queen left behind.

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