Too soon? Mariah Carey declares ‘it’s time’ for Christmas music


LOS ANGELES (NEXSTAR) — While you’re still sorting through Halloween candy, the modern-day queen of Christmas music says “it’s time” to start playing your holiday favorites.

As she did in 2019, Carey posted a video to social media on November 1 that effectively ushers in the Christmas music season.

The clip shows a Halloween goblin walking through a home and opening a door that reads “not yet.”

The goblin opens the door to none other than Mariah Carey in front of a Christmas tree with snow around here.

She looks down at her watch and says “it’s time.” After screaming, her holiday hit “All I Want for Christmas is You” begins blasting.

She does include a line of caution at the end of the clip that reads, “but let’s get through Thanksgiving first.”

What do you think? Too soon or just right?

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