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Agency gives gift cards to women donating breast milk

(NewsNation) — It’s hard for many families to find baby formula during the nationwide shortage caused by recalls and supply chain issues. Milk banks, which collect and process milk donated by nursing mothers, can help with that.

ConceiveAbilities, an egg donor and surrogacy agency in Chicago, is encouraging people to donate to these banks through the #MilkBankChallenge.

Nazca Fontes, the group’s founder and CEO, said the agency’s goal is to make sure everyone who wants to be a parent can. ConceiveAbilities wants to incentivize people to donate to milk banks, so the agency is giving $250 gift cards to those who do.

Those who don’t have breast milk to give can still take part in the challenge with monetary donations.

“Bear in mind that most of these milk banks are nonprofits, and they rely on donations to be successful and to reach the community,” Fontes said. “So we will meet dollar-for-dollar up to $250 any donation that’s provided to a milk bank throughout the country.”

Families relied on these banks even before the current formula shortage, Fontes said on “Morning in America.”

“I do think that part of this challenge helps to not only bridge the gap until the formula supply has been stabilized, but also into the future where we believe more families will be turning to milk banks than ever before,” she said.


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