Baby formula shortage could end in June: Former FDA commissioner


(NewsNation) — The baby formula shortage that has sent families scrambling may still be months from ending.

Peter Pitts, a former FDA commissioner, believes it could be over in 6-10 weeks.

“It definitely is the beginning of the end of this shortage,” Pitts said on “Rush Hour.” “That’s good news. We still have a ways to go. We need to stick it out and do the right thing and pull together.”

The issue stems from a closed factory the FDA has been working with since February. The factory has been dark ever since, but Pitts says it could open again within a week.

“The only thing worse than a shortage of baby formula is substandard baby formula,” Pitts said.

In the meantime, Pitts implores parents not to get too creative. For example, he said people should not make their formula, dilute their dwindling supply to last longer, or switch the baby over to milk.

“It’s an extremely complicated proposition to make [baby formula],” Pitts said. “If you really get down to it, the composition of these formulas is extremely precise.”

He said the FDA may advise parents if it’s safe to give formula to their babies past its expiration date but not to do so until that guidance comes out.

He recommends checking with local churches, hospitals and neighborhood groups to find help if your store’s shelves are empty. There’s also a federal website you can check.

“The most important thing for people to remember is don’t panic,” Pitts said.

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