Celebrate World Egg Day with local eggs


Hand holding fresh organic eggs at farm.

BELMONT, N.C. (NewsNation Now) — How often do you eat eggs? We’ve been told they’re high in cholesterol, which is true, but according to Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, from the Mayo Clinic, they don’t affect our levels of bad cholesterol nearly as much as things like trans fats and saturated fats do.

It’s almost as if Mother Nature is pointing us at eggs, with their abundant protein and other nutrients, and saying “Eat those!”

In fact, according to the good doctor, a lot of the bad press eggs have gotten over the years is likely attributable mostly to the things normally eaten with eggs, like bacon and sausage. Yes, they’re a natural part of the American weekend breakfast, but if you haven’t had the simple joy of a piece of lightly toasted bread with a perfectly fried egg on top, you simply aren’t living.

Of course, if you’re going to do that, the best egg to get is one produced locally. The farmers markets in much of the country will be closing for the season soon, so where can you go to get your fresh farm eggs? Lucky for you, my cackleberry-craving friends, egg farmers have become hip to the ways of social media and started hawking their wares online.

A simple search of Craigslist, Nextdoor or Facebook Marketplace will bring you dozens of egg yards in your vicinity more than willing to fill your fridge with fresh eggs. If you have young kids at home, look for an egg producer with a variety of chickens. Each carton will be filled with a variety of shapes and colors of egg that will entertain the kids. Of course, they might pick favorites and forbid you from cracking them to make breakfast, so keep their youthful exuberance in check.

Yes, local eggs will cost more than supermarket eggs, but once you see the rich yellow of the yolks and taste the richness, you’ll never go back.

Happy World Egg Day! Celebrate all weekend!

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