Despite being infected by COVID-19, Amish don’t intend on making radical changes


LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The Amish community tends to keep to themselves, but even they aren’t immune to the coronavirus pandemic. Members of the Amish community have seen COVID-19 infections amongst their own, as well.

The founder and editor of is working on a project about the Amish and the pandemic.

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Erik Wesner says the Amish stick to their inner circle, limiting their exposure — even prior to the pandemic. And despite waves of COVID infections in some Amish communities, Wesner says the Amish are not making any radical changes.

“For the Amish, the church and the community are of utmost importance. And they also see things as happening according to God’s will, if the Amish believe that many of them have already been exposed, or have been infected with COVID. They may not see a need to even take the vaccine,” Wesner said.

Penn Medicine Lancaster General has a COVID-19 Outreach Program with the Amish in Lancaster County, which is home to 39,000 Amish members.

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