FDA approves first at-home coronavirus test, will rollout on limited basis


(NewsNation Now) — The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first at-home COVID-19 test. The all-in-one test gives patients a negative or positive diagnosis within a half-hour.

The at-home kit is expected to cost $50, but not every American will have access to it right away.

“They have you swab both sides of the nose, and they show you exactly how to do that, put that in the tube, swirl it around in the tube, put the cap on, and put it in the little machine,” Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Gary Procop said.

Dr. Procop said the new single-use test will keep sick people at home, reduce the risk of exposure to healthcare workers, and save personal protective equipment.

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However, the home test kit won’t be widely available until next spring.

Rollout will begin on a limited basis in Florida and California. As production ramps up, the test will be available by prescription to people 14 and older who have symptoms.

“I wish they could gear up faster. I think it’ll be incentive to other companies to follow suit,” Dr. Procop said.

Dr. Procop said home tests with early and accurate detection will be vital in getting the pandemic under control.

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