How to avoid COVID-19 fatigue during the winter months


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — The next three to four months are most important for minimizing COVID-19’s deadly impact, according to Dr. Joseph Galstado of OhioHealth

“COVID fatigue refers to us living with COVID and we are still dealing with the damage it has caused society,” Dr. Galstado said.

To combat COVID fatigue Dr. Galstado suggests using the proper mitigation strategies: wearing a mask appropriately — covering your nose and chin, physical distancing, hand hygiene, and appropriate ventilation of air.

Galstado says COVID-19 mitigation strategies are like driving a car. The use of a seat belt keeps you safe, along the the air bags to minimize in risk of injury or death.

Dr. Galstado said there’s hope on the horizon. He said by the same time next year, the worst of COVID-19 will be behind us. He urges Americans to stay vigilant as health and safety restrictions affect lifestyles and daily activities.

“Two positive things: It was introduced that Pfizer showed that their vaccine was greater than 90 percent effective and the use of an emergency use authorization of a neutralizing monoclonal antibody. This is the first outpatient medication we have to give to high-risk individuals who have COVID-19…hopefully it will keep them out of the hospital or even dying.”

Dr. Galstado

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