Illinois man one of first COVID-to-COVID double lung transplant recipients


CHICAGO (WGN) — A medical breakthrough has been made in Chicago.

Doctors and medical staff discussed the success after one of the first Covid-to-Covid double lung transplants at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

When COVID-19 hit, 65-year-old Renato Aquino was on the front lines as a phlebotomist caring for his patients.

But then he contracted the virus and his lungs took a hit.

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In February, surgeons at Northwestern successfully performed a transplant using the lungs from a donor who had previously had Covid.

Friday, Aquino spoke to members of the media.

“You got no idea how I feel right now being given a second chance,” he said. “All I can say is thank you.”

Now Aquino is able to breathe on his own without supplemental oxygen and is back home in Glendale Heights where he continues to recover.

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