Maskless flights: An inside look at our new reality


CHICAGO (NewsNation) — After two years of traveling with face masks, flying with no masks feels like a return to some sense of normalcy for some air passengers.

NewsNation’s Kelsey Kernstine took a round trip from Chicago to Detroit.

There was a mix of people moving around without face masks and others still wearing one in the airport. However, not all states or countries have lifted their mask requirements.

“This lady just came over the intercom and said that for those travelers that are headed to Canada, Canada still requires a mask. So, they’re handing out masks to those passengers that are headed to Canada,” Kernstine said as she headed to her flight.

In the aircraft, Kernstine said the flight attendants aboard ditched theirs while other passengers still kept theirs on.

“It was nothing but easy; no problems — could eat on the plane as well,” Kernstine said after arriving in Detroit. “Nobody said anything to me about not wearing a mask. There were definitely people wearing masks. I guess it was really a personal choice.”

Kernstine said upon her flight back to Chicago, she noticed more bare faces.

“As the day went on, I have seen a lot less people wearing masks. Beginning of this day — a lot of people wearing masks,” she said.

Kernstine also took an Uber to and from the airport and also had no problems with not wearing a mask.

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