Mother holds vaccine drive at funeral of son who died from COVID-19


(NewsNation Now) — A grieving mother who lost her son to COVID-19 is taking steps to make sure other families don’t have to go through what she — and her son — went through.

Betty Antwan’s said her 46-year-old son Brandon was unvaccinated. She said he was against the vaccine because he believed not enough research had gone into it.

Following Brandon’s funeral, Betty held a vaccine drive so those in attendance could get vaccinated. She said after Brandon’s death, more of his friends decided to get the shot.

“Once Brandon died, his friends started taking the vaccine. I asked them ‘won’t they go and take the vaccine?’ because Brandon had died from the virus. And they started taking the vaccine,” she said.

Betty has a simple response to those who are stilling unwilling to receive the shot.

“This virus is for real. And in order to stop the virus, we should take the vaccine,” she said.

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