NYC restaurant owner says enforcing vaccine mandate a ‘burden’


(NewsNation Now) — New York City will require proof of vaccination for indoor dining, gyms and entertainment venues later this month. It’s largely up to the workers at those businesses to check for compliance, and some owners are concerned about how feasible that is.

“It’s a real burden on small businesses,” Festival owner Tyler Hollinger said on On Balance with Leland Vittert Friday.

“Vaccines are great, and everyone should get them since quite frankly, they are a miracle drug,” he said. “I am not looking forward to limiting people coming to the festival because as a café on the Upper East Side festival has always been open to everyone, and always will.”

Workers at such establishments would also have to prove that they’ve had at least one shot of an approved vaccine.

The move is being closely watched by other U.S. communities — perhaps as a model but also as a possible example of governmental overreach.

For months, the country has been forced into a reckoning over whether — and how — to curtail public life, including how and where people gather, whether they should be required to wear masks and how far to push them into getting vaccinated.

“Anything less than vaccination isn’t going to get us where we need to go,” the mayor, a Democrat, said earlier in the week.

“It’s pretty straightforward,” de Blasio said. “You check their vaccination status. If they have it, great. If they don’t, turn around.”

In the winter, New York threatened businesses with fines and taking their liquor licenses away.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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