Should Boston schools have temporary mask mandate?


(NewsNation) — Boston Public Schools in Massachusetts is considering a possible temporary mask mandate to start off the new year, reports.

Dr. Dave Montgomery, a cardiologist in Atlanta who hosts a web series, said it’s always a good thing when officials are looking at ways to prevent more COVID-19 deaths. Though some initially thought last year’s omicron strain of the coronavirus was less deadly than others, Montgomery noted that it still caused more deaths than some other variants.

Though some may say the risk of children becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 is lower than adults‘, Montgomery said they can still spread the virus to older teachers or other students’ family members.

“The problem here is the drain on the hospitals and the hospital system, the drain on the economy when you have people that miss work and have to take care of kids at home,” he said.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Dave Montgomery in the video above.

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