Spider-Man encourages mask-wearing while swinging through Texas


Photo courtesy City of Waco

WACO, Texas (News Nation/KWKT) — Waco is getting a little help with COVID-19 from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The City of Waco launched a campaign using the superhero to encourage everyone to wear masks in public.

“We were sitting around coming up with ideas on how to promote face coverings and masks, the hot topic of the day. We’ve done a ton of PSA’s with our area leaders and people who own businesses, and we were thinking what can we do that is light-hearted and fun? The first thing that came to mind was Batman, but then we were like, no. Incorrect use of the mask. And then the guys came up with Spider-Man,” said Dori Helm, Assistant Director of Municipal Information for the City of Waco.

Spider-Man has already made a few stops around Waco. He made a trip to H-E-B, Gold’s Gym and an ice cream shop. He’s even made an appearance at the Humane Society of Central Texas and walked a couple of dogs.

“It was such a blast! He walked Clarice and Gloria, who are a bonded pair. They’re older seniors who have been looking for a home for two months now. We are desperate to find those girls a home, and we thought that would be really cool for Spidey to take them for a walk,” said Paula Rivadeneira, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Central Texas.

The city hopes it will encourage residents to make the best of a sticky situation.

“In a very strange situation and time that we all try to navigate, it’s really nice to do something fun and light-hearted and have people say they enjoy it,” said Helm.

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