Security expert concerned New York’s vaccine app can be hacked

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(NewsNation Now) — A cybersecurity expert is voicing concern about New York’s vaccine passport app after a simple experiment rendered the app essentially useless.

Albert Fox Cahn of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project uploaded a picture of Mickey Mouse instead of his vaccine card and it was accepted.

Cahn says this is just the latest example of bad technology that has been rolled out during the pandemic.

While New York City officials have said the app couldn’t be hacked, that doesn’t appear to be this case.

“The problem here is the heart of why they’re saying the app can’t be hacked is because the app doesn’t really do anything,” said Cahn. “It’s not a vaccine app. It’s a camera app. All it does is take a photo and have you click a little button to say that’s my vaccine card. So I took a photo of Mickey Mouse, uploaded it, and they said I was good to go.”

While believes every New Yorker should be vaccinated, he also believes this app was largely a public relations stunt. Cahn also said that after an investigation, he discovered the state of New York is on the hook for “$17 million for this incredibly weak technology.”

In the meantime, Cahn said it’s probably best to stick with showing your vaccine card or a photo of it.

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