Drug shortage puts cancer patients in a bind

  • Supply chain issues have left many medications in short supply
  • The shortages include lifesaving chemotherapy drugs
  • Ryan and Brooke Dwars talk about their struggle to get treatment for Ryan

(NewsNation) — Because of supply chain issues, many medications are in short supply, leaving patients with illnesses as serious as cancer uncertain where their next treatment may come from.

Ryan Dwars is one such patient. The 36-year-old with pancreatic cancer that spread to his liver was set for a round of chemotherapy last month, but he was told his case wasn’t severe enough to get priority over other patients.

However, he was able to get the chemo drug he was taking through a nonprofit organization called Angels for Change.

“(There was a) worry (with) the change of plans, especially on such a short time crunch,” Dwars said. “Within the span of 48 hours, it was very nerve wracking that we would maybe have to change a plan that was working well.”

Dr. Dave Montgomery said drug shortages are nothing new.

“We have known for a long time that things like chemotherapy … cancer drugs, the resources for them are short,” he said Thursday on “CUOMO.” “At the end of the day, somebody’s got to take extreme ownership. Somebody’s got to say, ‘Let’s change some of the red tape’ so that qualified, reputable manufactures of generic drugs can get in the game and not just take the prices down but get the supply.”

To mitigate the problem, Montgomery suggested bringing currently outsourced operations back to the United States.

“Until somebody says, ‘Hey listen, we’re gonna change this,’ I think we’re in for a disaster,” he said.


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