Florida reporter shares cancer diagnosis after viewer emailed her to check thyroid


TAMPA, Fla. (News Nation/WFLA) — A television news reporter in Florida recently discovered she had cancer after receiving a cryptic email from a viewer.

Victoria Price, an investigative reporter at News Nation affiliate WFLA in Tampa, Florida, said the saga began in June with a cryptic email. It did not contain a body — just a subject line.

“Hi. Just saw your news report. What concerned me is the lump on your neck. Please have your thyroid checked. Reminds me of my neck. Mine turned out to be cancer. Take care of yourself.”

The woman signed her name, but that was all.

Price said she didn’t know whether to panic or disregard the email and wondered if the person was an internet troll or a medical professional.

Price’s boyfriend encouraged her to call her primary care physician and they agreed – something about her thyroid looked concerning. Price said she initially thought it was hypothyroidism because the condition runs in her family.

Her blood work came back okay, but her doctor said there was a large and very suspicious-looking nodule growing in the center of her thyroid.

Price said there were some delays in getting in to see a specialist due to the pandemic, but on Tuesday she finally got an answer: thyroid cancer was spreading into her lymph nodes.

Price said she will be off work next week to undergo surgery to remove her entire thyroid and some lymph nodes. Doctors will also perform a CT scan and biopsy other lymph nodes to make sure the cancer hasn’t spread.

She said she’s received an overwhelming amount of love and support.

“As for the woman who emailed me,” Price wrote. “I’ve yet to connect with her. I sent an empathic thank you email earlier this week but never heard back. Maybe she was a guardian angel? Who knows. If you’re reading this, don’t feel obligated to write back. You’ve already done so much more than you may realize.”

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