Man eating only McDonald’s says he has lost 24 pounds so far

  • Kevin Maginnis of Nashville has only had McDonald's for the last 25 days
  • He says he has more energy, and his mood's been better
  • Maginnis has also lost 24 pounds — almost half his goal

(NewsNation) — Kevin Maginnis, 56, is a man with a (seemingly crazy) plan — eat at McDonald’s for 100 days to lose weight.

But it seems to be working for him. Maginnis, who started his journey at 238 pounds, said he has now lost 24 pounds as of Friday, which is his 25th day of eating only at the popular fast-food restaurant. That’s almost half of his original 50-pound goal.

Drinking a Shamrock Shake, Maginnis told NewsNation’s Adrienne Bankert on “Morning in America” Friday that for him, portion control has made all the difference. Maginnis hasn’t even been working out.

He cuts all his food from McDonald’s — all three meals a day — in half.

“You can have it if you half it,” Maginnis said.

Health experts say fast food items, which are typically high in refined carbohydrates and sugars, can make people sleepy after eating them. But Maginnis says cutting down on how much he’s eating has given him more energy, and his moods are better.

Despite his glowing reviews, Maginnis says McDonald’s still hasn’t reached out to him.

“No sponsorships, no contact,” he said. “This is all me, guys.”

You can follow his journey on TikTok @bigmaccoaching.


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