Men don’t live as long as women: What they can do about it

(NewsNation) — Research shows that men die younger than women in the United States on average. But the good news is that there are ways for men to ensure they live longer.

“We know that women are sort of built to last a little bit longer than men,” said Dr. Dave Montgomery, preventive cardiologist and host of “The Good Doctor TV.” “I think that has to do with some of the choices and the lifestyle choices that men make.”

Men die younger than women in the United States, on average. Women’s life expectancy was 79 in 2021, while men’s was 73, according to CDC data. 

This is attributable in part to the fact that the U.S. has a higher rate of avoidable deaths.

Montgomery explains that men are also more likely to have more high-risk behaviors.

“We smoke more. When we drink, we drink more,” he said. “And because of that, we have more hypertension, more diabetes, more things like cancer.”

According to Montgomery, being proactive is the solution to the problem and it starts with men going to their doctor.

“We don’t go to the doctor to get the health screenings and the evaluations like the women do,” Montgomery said.

There are a number of reasons why guys just don’t go to the doctor, but according to Montgomery, being proactive with your health will go a long way to prolonging your longevity.

“We don’t really want to hear this, but it’s really true. Go hire a doctor that you trust,” he said.

Montgomery also suggests coming up with a health strategy.

“I’ve got a strategy for work. I’ve got a financial strategy,” he said. “Do I have a strategy that has goals and actionable you know, sort of steps to let me be as healthy as I can be?”

Montgomery encourages developing a real, actionable health plan.

“I want guys to understand that putting your exercise on the calendar, like your Zoom meeting, is a great strategy,” he said. “What am I going to eat to meet my goals today? This week, this month?”

Another piece to better health, according to Montgomery, is sleep.

Montgomery encourages men to ask themselves, “Do I sleep enough so that I’m the healthiest that I can be?”

A doctor can see some of the things that you can’t, Montgomery explains, saying, “Not everything that can harm you hurts.”


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