New three-in-one test kit makes tripledemic testing easier


(NewsNation) — Amid a heightened respiratory virus season with a tripledemic of the flu, RSV and COVID-19 running amok, the idea of having to undergo the discomfort of a swab for all three can be daunting. 

Thanks to LabCorp’s three-in-one test kits, practicing illness-prevention methods — such as testing for those viruses — is a lot easier.  

LabCorp’s at-home test kit, called the Pixel, is considered a PCR test, which means the results won’t appear in 15 minutes like a rapid test, as the results are processed in the lab. But before you can get a test kit, you first need to be eligible. 

Patients can go to LabCorp’s website to fill out a questionnaire. In order to qualify, you must be 2 or older and already be experiencing symptoms. If you are eligible, the kit will be shipped right to your door overnight. 

Once you collect the sample and ship the kit back to the lab, the sample will be tested for all three respiratory illnesses

LabCorp says results take one to two days to process after the test gets delivered. So it takes about three to five days at the earliest to receive results.

If your test comes up positive, you’ll get a call from a third-party physician with the next steps for treatment. 

For those looking to test before holiday gatherings, health experts say there are better options than the three-in-one test kit, mainly because it’s intended for people already experiencing flu, COVID-19 or RSV symptoms. 

If you are getting together with your family and loved ones, consider a rapid test right before the event. If you want to be extra cautious, take a PCR test a few days before. 

The good news about the Pixel test kit is that it’s free, but only if you have insurance. It’ll cost about $170 out of pocket if you’re uninsured. 

Quest Diagnostics also offers the three-in-one test kit, but it’s not offered online; you’ll have to contact your doctor or health care provider to request one.

Currently, the test kits are not available for purchase in drugstores.

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