Use of ‘tranq’ linked to skin infections, amputations

(NewsNation) — Xylazine, also known as ‘tranq,’ has been detected in the drug supply in 36 states and the District of Columbia, The New York Times reported.

Xylazine can be found in fentanyl – an exceptionally lethal drug – but xylazine has also been combined with cocaine and heroin.

“It causes disastrous harm to the body, and we’re now beginning to see that in a very large way,” Taylor Wood, a program manager at Chicago Recover Alliance, said during an appearance on “NewsNation Prime.”

The Food and Drug Administration issued warnings about xylazine last November, amid mounting concerns about the skin ulcers it causes on human bodies that can lead to amputation.

People ingesting xylazine can doze for days at a time, often keeling over on the street. There’s a danger that users’ breathing will be suppressed, and their heart rates decreased.

Wood added that the main killer from substance abuse “is stigma” around taking them. “The second killer is contaminants and other cuts in the supply like xylazine. … If people know what’s in their substances, they have the ability to choose which one they’re gonna go with,” Wood said.

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