Community raises money to purchase new plow after neighbor shovels snow for free

Hometown Heroes

SWANSEA, Mass. (WPRI) — When the snow started to fall and began accumulating in his neighbors’ driveways, Christopher Leduc took it upon himself to plow them out.

After the first few driveways, he realized how much he loved doing it, and started offering his services for free to the entire community.

He said initially the word got out through social media.

“I put a [Facebook] status up on the Swansea page, saying if anyone wants help, let me know, message me,” he said.

Many residents took him up on that offer.

Leduc said he started out with only a few clients, but as snowstorm after snowstorm moved through, the number of people asking for his help grew. He now has upwards of 20 clients, most of which heard of his services through word-of-mouth.

But a day before a more recent snowstorm, his tractor stopped working. With no time to repair it, Leduc turned again to social media to alert his clients that he was unable to plow their driveways.

“What everybody calls the major slush storm that we had, I ended up shoveling seven of the 10 driveways because I felt bad and I wasn’t going to leave people stranded,” Leduc said.

After the storm had passed, Leduc came across an unexpected surprise: A GoFundMe account organized specifically for him by a complete stranger.

He said he’s thankful for the community’s support.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Leduc said. “All I wanted to do was something nice for the community and help out whoever needed it.”

Leduc said he’s looking forward to purchasing his new tractor, which will feature a mower deck. He said the addition will allow him to continue assisting his neighbors in the spring and summer by mowing their lawns.

Leduc said any remaining money from the GoFundMe page will be donated to the Swansea Animal Rescue.

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