Teens create ‘COVID Candies’ to raise money for virus relief

Hometown Heroes

PORTLAND, Ore. (KLAS) — As people around the world continue to battle COVID-19, NewsNation affiliate KLAS-TV spoke with a teenager who created a special candy to bring relief. 

17-year-old Hudson Hale, who was raised both in Las Vegas and Oregon, recently recovered from the coronavirus after his entire family contracted it back in September. 

“Within two weeks, we were all taken out completely,” Hale shared. “I don’t wish anyone else would have to go through it because it was not an enjoyable experience.”

He knows what it’s like to cope with the uncertainty of this illness. That’s why he joined fellow high schooler Ryan Westcott to spark real change. 

“I wanted to do something to help in any way that I could,” Hale said of the decision. “I just started doodling a ton and coming up with ideas. I just figured out what worked, what didn’t work.”

The duo created “COVID Candies,” a sweet treat modeled after the infamous COVID germ. Each package is decorated with Hale’s handmade designs. 

The money from each bag sold goes directly to the World Health Organization, The United Nations Children’s Fund and the Feeding America COVID-19 response fund.

“They kind of split up the money,” Hale explained. “And target certain people and families who have food insecurity, job insecurity.”

So far, Hale and his business partner have sold 1,500 bags through their Oregon-based business and donated over $16,000. 

The overall effort is extraordinary, but Hale said he is just happy to give back:

“It feels nice to be creating something that I know can help others,” he said.

He said he won’t stop his efforts to bring hope and happiness to everyone. 

Each bag of COVID Candies is $12. All proceeds go to COVID-19 relief, other than the small cost required for manufacturing. 

If you’d like to learn more about the cause or buy a bag yourself, click here.

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