New York boy, 12, starts his own recycling company

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FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — Noah Moretter, 12, from Fairport is helping the community go green by running his own recycling company. It started with a passion for recycling and now he’s servicing many local businesses.

“If a 12-year-old like me can do it, I think anyone can recycle,” Moretter said. He founded Noah’s Recycling back in March.

“I wanted to make our earth a better place and I’ve always been passionate about the refuse industry and recycling and all of that stuff and my dream was to become the CEO of a large waste company so I thought, ‘why can’t I start that right now?’”

Noah reached out to a company in Toronto that donated recycling bins. He started out with 20 customers from his street and nearby neighborhoods and it took off from there.

“A lot of businesses didn’t recycle, they just didn’t have the bins, something was missing from their recycling,” said Moretter. “I’m a member at Midvale Country Club and I reached out to them and did a presentation about recycling and they reached back out and then I had two bins at Midvale.”

He also services Vision Buick GMC, Victor Chevrolet, and Perinton Hots.

The service is free. Noah schedules a date and time with businesses to pick up their bottles and cans. His parents drive him to Can Kings to drop off the recycling. Noah’s target customer is someone who places bottles and cans in the recycling bins for the truck to pick up. He said if you take the extra step to separate them, he’d love to pick them up.

“I would love to keep on doing this, this is my passion. Some people like playing baseball, some people like playing soccer, this is my passion I like recycling and I’d love to service your house and get your bottles and cans,” he said.

Noah said the money he gets from the bottles and cans is partially donated and partially saved for college.

Most of his customers are in Webster, Penfield, and Fairport, but he’s always taking on more. To become a customer, you can reach out to him at

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