Ohio man reunited with good Samaritans who saved his life after heart attack

Hometown Heroes

LIBERTY, Ohio (NewsNation Now) — Stephen Dunlop, who was looking for the two men who helped save his life after he had a heart attack and crashed his car, was reunited with them Wednesday.

Their reunion began with a seven-second hug.

Brandon Mitchell recalled the morning of Aug. 21, when he saw an accident scene at Gypsy Lane and Fifth Avenue, the result of Dunlop crashing his car after a heart attack.

“I ran over to the driver’s side to you. You had no pulse. You were, like, gargling for air,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell, 28, is in the Air Force Reserves and trained in CPR. He immediately started chest compressions and had another man do mouth-to-mouth.

“I didn’t think about his ethnicity. I didn’t think about coronavirus. I just acted. I just saw a life. Better yet, I saw a life more abundantly and I’m glad he’s here today,” said Mitchell.

Dunlop showed us the bruising from Mitchell’s chest compressions, then called up a Facebook message from someone stating that the second man who helped was named Bob Parker, who lived nearby.

They were reunited as well. Their reunion started with a handshake but switched to a hug and a kiss.

“Glad I was there,” Parker told Dunlop, who responded with, “Me too.”

The two sat on the porch, Parker recalling how he pulled up to the accident scene and how Mitchell directed him to give Dunlop mouth-to-mouth.

“I feel great, I feel good. I want to cry but that’s OK to cry because I did something,” said Parker.

This was the second time Mitchell performed CPR on a heart attack victim. The first was nine years ago when he did it on his father, who died. This time, though, the man lived.

“It filled a space. I don’t think I would have ever been able to let it go to not meet him and thank him,” said Dunlop.

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