Teacher’s selfless act helps save her colleague’s life

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LEWIS CENTER, Ohio (NewsNation Now) — A pair of teachers in central Ohio is celebrating life after one donated a kidney to the other.

High School math teacher Scott Davis and 8th-grade history teacher Christine Snivley teach in the Olentangy School district, but earlier this year the duo became quite close, as Snivley donated a kidney to Davis.

“I have a very long, interesting health history,” said Davis.

He was born with cystic fibrosis, and at 25 he had a double lung transplant. He’s been on medication for much of his life.

“The medication ultimately destroyed my kidneys,” explained Davis.

He realized he would need another transplant, but asking for a kidney isn’t easy.

“The idea of somebody else doing something like this for me sounded dangerous, I didn’t want anyone to sacrifice for me.” 

He started researching and became comfortable with the safety of the donor during a kidney transplant surgery. So in 2019, his wife began posting information on social media about transplants.

“Eventually she posted his blood type and then it occurred to me that was also my blood type,” said Snivley.

She decided to go forward with the tests, and she was a match. 

“I never really felt fearful and I think that was because I was meant to be the match for Scott,” Snivley recalled.

June 12th of 2020 was the surgery date, and it was successful. 

“This is not something that anyone would do, you have to be a pretty special person to be willing to do something like this,” said Davis. “I would absolutely call her a hero and I’m not the first do to so by the way.” 

The news about this gift reached others, but Snively said it wasn’t about her, but about Davis, 

“I don’t feel like a hero. I feel like somebody who saw a problem and saw a solution and I could help and I could be part of the solution and I wanted to do that,” said Snivley. “He needed it so desperately and he and his family were missing out on so much.” 

Davis’s prognosis is very good, as he calls it, and his kidney levels are normal now; something he never thought he would experience.

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