Ana Walshe sold condominium before going missing: Deed

(NewsNation) — A deed obtained by NewsNation shows that a few days before she went missing, 39-year-old Massachusetts woman Ana Walshe sold a condominium she owned in Revere.

Boston 25 News reported that the 670-square-foot rental unit was purchased in Ana Walshe’s name in January 2020 for $137,000. In November, the news outlet said, the property was put on the market and quickly sold eight days later.

The deed shows she completed the sale for $220,000 in late December 2022. Walshe made a profit of about $80,000 from the transaction.

Ana Walshe’s husband, Brian, took part in the condominium sale and signed the documents as a co-guarantor.

Ana Walshe was last seen leaving her Cohasset home early in the morning hours of New Year’s Day. Police said she had left the home using a ride-share service and planned to fly from Logan Airport in Boston to Washington, D.C., for a work trip. However, authorities confirmed later at a press conference that Walshe did not board a flight from Logan, nor did she go into a vehicle to go to the airport.

Prosecutors say Brian Walshe was seen on surveillance video buying $450 worth of cleaning supplies at a home improvement store the day after his wife disappeared, a prosecutor said Monday. Although Brian Walshe did not tell police he had been to the home improvement store, he did say he had been to a supermarket and a pharmacy, but there is no evidence he had been to either store, they added.

Brian Walshe has not been charged with his wife’s murder, but he now faces one count of misleading police. He pleaded not guilty in court Monday.

Assistant Norfolk District Attorney Lynn Beland previously said Brian Walshe misled investigators so he could either clean up or dispose of evidence. Meanwhile, Tracy Miner, Brian Walshe’s attorney, said her client has voluntarily talked to police and consented to searches of his home, property and cellphone.

“He has been incredibly cooperative,” Miner said.

When his wife disappeared, Brian Walshe had been on home confinement while waiting for sentencing in a fraud case involving the sale of fake Andy Warhol paintings, according to federal court records. Cohasset police said, however, that Ana Walshe’s disappearance and her husband’s case appear to be unrelated.

The couple’s three young children are in state custody.

With each passing day, loved ones, friends and neighbors grow more anxious.

Shannon Silvia lives just across the street from the Walshes. Last week, investigators searched her yard in an attempt to find Ana Walshe. The family had only moved into the home they were renting in Cohasset several months ago, Silvia said.

Community members are hosting a vigil for Ana Walshe on Thursday afternoon.


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