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Exclusive photos inside Harmony Montgomery family home

MANCHESTER, N.H. (NewsNation Now) — Criticism is heating up for authorities in the Harmony Montgomery case, with many questioning how state investigators didn’t notice warning signs of abuse before the little girl disappeared.

On Tuesday, NewsNation obtained exclusive photos showing the inside of the house where the 7-year-old lived before she vanished two years ago. She was not reported missing until late last year.

The images show the bedrooms, kitchen and even inside the refrigerator. Extension cords, hooked up to an outside generator, can also be seen running throughout the house because neighbors say the power was cut off.

The home is where police say the girl’s dad, Adam Montgomery, abused her, even causing a black eye. Police finished their search of the residence Monday.

Harmony’s mother, Crystal Sorey, said she doesn’t understand how the girl remained in his care.

Adam Montgomery was “doing extreme punishments to her,” Sorey said. “All kind of stuff the therapist had gotten out of her just by playing dolls in a doll house. Imagine, I was horrified. I was, like, ‘No!’ I told DCF and that was that and months later they hand over custody.”

She says she warned New Hampshire’s Division of Children, Youth and Families about the abuse, but was ignored. The agency had not responded to emails or calls from NewsNation since last week.

When NewsNation’s Brian Entin showed up at their office, a representative from the communications office said they couldn’t discuss the case “due to confidentiality.”

The department later sent NewsNation the statement below.

“The department is continually reviewing its processes to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and families. The Division for Children, Youth and Families has conducted a preliminary internal review on this case, and as is the case whenever a critical incident involving a child occurs, a comprehensive quality assurance review is completed.”

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

The statement went on to say their primary focus is locating Harmony. Sorey hopes that is everyone’s focus right now.

“I just want someone to come forward and tell us something, because somebody knows something,” Sorey said. “It’s a fact.”

Sorey believes her daughter is alive and may have been sold by her father for drugs.

Adam Montgomery was charged last week with several counts, including failing to have Harmony in his custody. He pleaded not guilty and has been jailed without bail.

According to court documents released Tuesday,  prosecutors dropped a welfare fraud charge against Harmony’s stepmother, Kayla Montgomery, for collecting food stamps in her name and replaced it with three other charges, including theft.

Kayla Montgomery is scheduled for arraignment Thursday on the new charges.

Police are still requesting help from the public in locating Harmony. Anyone with information is urged to call 603-203-6060. Manchester police have also said a reward for information that helps find Harmony has grown to $94,000. Harmony’s great-uncle also started a fundraising effort.

Kysa Crusco, a family law attorney, joined NewsNation Prime to weigh in on Harmony’s case.


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