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Family searches for missing emergency room doctor

  • Forsyth was last heard from in Cassville, Missouri on May 21
  • He didn't report for his shift at work, which family members say is unusual
  • His car was found with his wallet, phones and passport inside

Forsyth disappeared on May 21 (Cassville Police Department)

(NewsNation) — An emergency room doctor in Missouri disappeared shortly before he was due to start his shift, leaving his friends and family searching for any clues to where he might be.

Who is John Forsyth?

Forsyth is an emergency room physician in Cassville, Missouri. The 49-year-old father of seven had recently become engaged to his fiancée shortly after finalizing his divorce. He also ran a cryptocurrency business with his brother.

Forsyth was known to park his RV outside the hospital to be closer to his patients. He was reported missing after failing to show up for his shift, something his family said was uncharacteristic of him.

When was he last seen or heard from?

The last anyone heard from Forsyth was on May 21, shortly before he was supposed to start his evening shift at Mercy Hospital. He had been texting his fiancée around 7 a.m., the last known contact he had with any of his loved ones.

Why is his family worried?

Forsyth’s car, a black Infiniti, was found at Cassville Aquatic Park. His wallet, passport and work briefcase were still inside, along with his cell phones.

What is happening with search efforts?

Police in Cassville have been actively searching for Forsythe, using K9 units and drones in the area where his car was found. So far, they have not found any more clues to where he might be.

How can people help?

Forsyth is 5’11”, weighs 180 pounds and has brown hair and blue eyes.

Police have asked that if any members of the public have any information or have seen John Forsyth, please call Barry County E911 at 417-847-3121 or message the Cassville Missouri Police Department Facebook page. Alternatively, members of the public can call crime stoppers 1-888-635-8477.


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