Girl reported missing 2 years after disappearance


MANCHESTER, N.H. (NewsNation Now) — Many people are asking why it took two years for a little girl to be reported missing in New Hampshire. Police are working to track down the answer and find the 7-year-old.

Harmony Montgomery was last seen in October 2019, but was just reported missing to police last Friday when they got a call from the Division of Youth and Family Services.

“I’m appealing to everyone, help us find this little girl,” Manchester police Chief Allen Aldenberg said.

Police are remaining tight-lipped on the case, but Monday revealed that authorities, including family services, have visited Montgomery’s family in the past. They won’t say which family member the girl was supposed to be living with. Aldenberg says his main focus now is tracking down any information that will find her.

“I’m not getting into specifics of where she should have been or who she should have been with, other than to tell you that where she should have been and who she should have been with … She’s not with those people. And she’s not at that location,” Aldenberg said.

On Twitter, a woman claiming to be Harmony’s mother says the girl was last with her father and begging for help finding her daughter.

On Sunday, police searched a home in Manchester, which reportedly used to belong to the father’s family.  Tax records show it was foreclosed in summer of 2019.  The new owner was cleared after cooperating with police.

“I’m in rescue mode right now,” Aldenberg said. “This is not a recovery … all efforts are focused on that Harmony is alive.”

The FBI has been briefed on the case and is standing by, but has not been called in to assist yet. About 30-35 detectives are working around the clock on Harmony’s disappearance.

The reward for finding her has now reached almost $13,000.

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