New York woman desperately searching for missing husband

(NewsNation) — Cathy Albright hops from train car to train car in New York City, holding homemade signs translated in multiple languages, all with the same plea: Someone please help find my husband.

Albright’s husband Richard, a nurse in New York, went missing Oct. 14, 2021, after leaving their apartment one morning, never to return. Now, Cathy is left desperately searching for any information on what happened to her husband.

She called the not knowing “paralyzing.”

Richard Albright, 69, has survived three open heart surgeries, malaria and a run-in with poisonous tomatoes that almost killed him. He is not the type of man to just up and leave, Cathy says.

Richard can be seen on surveillance footage from the night he disappeared, shuffling out of their New York apartment in slippers, seemingly indecisive about which direction to go. It would be the last time he was seen.

Cathy called every hospital in the area; none of them had Richard or any John Doe fitting his description. Police had no answers, instead asking Cathy if she was sure Richard did not have a girlfriend. She said there is no chance of that.

“He’s such an honest person,” Cathy Albright said.  “He wouldn’t even know how to be shady.”

A search of Richard’s computer revealed there was a museum in Flushing he was interested in visiting, providing at least one possible clue to his disappearance.

But, almost one year later, there is still no clue about Richard Albright, a man who spent his boyhood with a missionary family in Africa.

Riding the trains and spreading the word about Richard’s disappearance gives Cathy a sense of purpose. But it but does little to ease her anguish about the disappearance of her beloved husband.


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