Former Marine Casey Bokslag went missing on the road

(NewsNation) — A $50,000 reward is now being offered for information that can help bring a missing Utah man home.

The disappearance of Casey Bokslag is under investigation.

NewsNation-affiliate ABC4 reported that the 29-year-old vanished after leaving his apartment in Salt Lake City on June 6.

The only sign of him since then is his car, which was found two days later on a remote road near the Wyoming-Utah border on Interstate-80. The license plates had been removed from the 2012 silver Suzuki.

Police have called the former Marine’s disappearance completely out of character and unusual. At this time, they do not have any new leads regarding his whereabouts.

At a news conference held by South Salt Lake Police, Chief Jack Carruth said Bokslag’s car has been processed but it’s not giving them any answers.

“Very little fingerprints were found in the vehicle, and no evidence in the vehicle that would lead us to believe there was any possibility of potential foul play,” Carruth said.

Bokslag’s parents are unsure what may have happened to their son, but they do believe the case may involve foul play or a carjacking.

“He would never run away and leave everything. He would never not let anyone know if he had plans for the day. It is probably why police are taking this very seriously,” Bokslag’s mother, Elisabeth, said.

Casey Bokslag worked for the city. Police say $100 was taken from his bank account but there has not been a transaction since.

According to a search warrant, Bokslag bought a handgun a day before his disappearance. His father said he was aware of the purchase and that Casey just wanted to use the gun for target practice with his brother.

Carruth said police have no reason to believe Casey Bokslag is in a situation where he would want to harm himself.

“So, we’re teetering on the line — is this a criminal case or is this a case of a person who has voluntarily gone missing?” Carruth said.

The missing man’s father insists his son’s disappearance is out of the ordinary and that he regularly stayed in contact with family.

Investigators described Casey Bokslag as being 6 feet, 2 inches tall, weighing 140 pounds, with blonde hair and gray eyes. He was last spotted with a goatee and usually wears long green cargo pants, a T-shirt, military boots and a cap.

A $50,000 reward is now being offered by an anonymous donor for anyone with information about his whereabouts leading to his return home.

“This is not an offer to contract, invite reliance or form any other legal relationship. It is only a gift to express gratitude to an individual in my sole determination and discretion,” Kelly White, an attorney for the donor said.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to call Detective Dustin Hansen at 801-412-3644 or


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