Senas doing well after Charlotte’s rescue: Family friend

  • Charlotte Sena is rescued in dramatic SWAT raid
  • Family friend, Patrick Kane, shares relief and miracle of her safe return
  • Questions arise about the suspect's family connections

(NewsNation) — Charlotte Sena was reunited with her family following a dramatic rescue operation likened by neighbors to a scene from a movie. SWAT teams and law enforcement officers executed a high-stakes raid on the suspect’s residence, utilizing flash bangs and surrounding the trailer at the rear with drawn firearms.  

In a matter of moments, Charlotte was discovered and safely transported via ambulance. Patrick Kane, a close friend of the Sena family, joined “Elizabeth Vargas Reports” to discuss her remarkable return to safety. 

Kane expressed the family’s immense relief, stating that they are hunkered down together, savoring the miracle of Charlotte’s return. He said the statistics were not in her favor, making her safe return all the more miraculous.

“She came back with vim and vigor and she’s back at it, and she’s going to be just fine very soon,” Kane said. 

As the spotlight shifts to the suspect’s family, questions arise about any connections they may have had with Craig Ross, the alleged abductor. Kane admitted he hadn’t yet had the opportunity to discuss the suspect with the family. 

“He’s got a little bit of a troubled past. How much that intertwines with the family, I don’t know,” said Kane. 

The Sena family had been on a camping trip, a seemingly safe and familiar environment. However, Charlotte vanished within seconds, sparking bewilderment among those who know the family well. The bike was found upright with the kickstand deployed, suggesting a non-panicked departure. 

“The parents focus on the kids all the time; they never would take your eyes off the kid. But it’s also a very safe environment that we don’t expect things like this to happen,” Kane said. 

Kane expressed appreciation for the support and the community’s unwavering faith in the face of adversity. 


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