8 women celebrate turning 100+ together

Morning In America

(NewsNation) — Eight women were honored with a special luncheon for reaching the triple-digit mark. All the women are at or above 100 years old.

“It feels pretty wonderful,” Kathryn Bost, 100, said. “I have no aches or pains and I enjoy life every day.”

Dorothy Power, who turned 100 in August 2021 agrees, “You don’t notice any difference and I don’t feel any different.”

The women say they love their life and enjoy playing cards, bingo, dominoes and other activities.

“There is no secret,” Power said. “Just try to live a good life and stay out of trouble.”

“Happiness has been the one thing that has gotten me here,” Bost added. “The only thing that I’ve done any different, that I think, than anyone else is laugh a lot. And I try to make other people laugh a lot, like I have made you laugh.”

However, for Bost, she just wants to make sure she never turns old enough to be mean all the time.

Bost, Power and the six other women live at the Presbyterian Village in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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