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Gabby Petito's family wants "justice"

L.T. Gen. Richard Newton (RET.) reflects on the life of Gen. Colin Powell

Rep. Nancy Mace (r) reacts to Gen. Colin Powell's death.

Morning in America’s Nick Smith shares a Colin Powell story

COVID-19 Update: Which booster is more effective?

Leland Vittert weighs in on Gen. Colin Powell's legacy

Dr. Timothy Quinn discusses Colin Powell’s COVID-19 risk factors

NewsNation Smart Board: How Many Capitol Rioters Have Been Arrested

NewsNation Smart Board: Price to heat your home expected to rise

Sec. Lloyd Austin reacts to Gen. Colin Powell's death

Former CIA officer Tracy Walder discusses working with Colin Powell

Can you get a deal on a new car?

NewsNation Smart Board: Why Workers Are Choosing To Strike Now

General Colin Powell dead at 84

General Colin Powell dead of COVID-19 complications at 84

Nurses at Minnesota hospital on strike

Sec. Pete Buttigieg predicts supply chain crisis will stretch into 2022

Gabby Petito's family say they want "vengeance and justice"

Haiti security situation worsening after kidnapping

Trial over death of Ahmaud Arbery starts today

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