AB on Main: Adrienne travels to Texas for rodeo and football

AB on Main

CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Adrienne Bankert, Emmy award-winning veteran journalist and “Morning in America” host, is invested in telling stories of real people from all walks of life — and all parts of the nation.

Morning in America will highlight the main streets in America in the series AB on Main, an intersection of conversation for how America can move forward. Adrienne set out to visit main streets across the country to listen to everyday people’s voices, concerns and perspectives.

Her next stop is Denton, Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth area city is the home of the North Texas Fair and Rodeo.

Half of all rodeos nationwide were canceled in 2020, but the North Texas Fair and Rodeo stayed open and returned this year with 20% higher attendance than in 2019.

‘”It’s just a relief seeing kids be kids. I think that’s what we all wanted some sense of normalcy, some sense of it’s going to be OK,” said attendee Kelly Morrow.

After the fair, Adrienne headed down to Dallas for Friday Night Lights.

Even with the delta variant surging, fans flocked to Woodrow Wilson High School for its football season opener.

The team didn’t win, but Coach Tony Benedetto says the real victory is being together again.

“Now that they’re back we want them to know that we super care about them,” Benedetto said. “The kids fill you up and make you feel purposeful. And it doesn’t feel like work.”

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