Police bring 25 days of kindness to Maine community

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(NewsNation) — A police department in Maine is celebrating the holidays with 25 days of kindness.

The police department in Holden, Maine spends the holiday season surprising residents with acts of kindness ranging from a $50 bill to having their rent paid for a month.

Police Chief Chris Greeley told NewsNation the program started about six years ago with the idea to perform small acts of kindness.

“Things like you see somebody struggling to bring their groceries in, give them a hand. You see an older person trying to shovel there, we do get snow here, by the way, shovel their walkway, maybe helped them shovel snow, and then it blossomed and grew into this much bigger thing now,” he said.

Greeley said the program really kicked off after the department donated $500 to an Army vet and his wife who was suffering from cancer.

“We’ve given away well over $60,000 in cash, not counting food, and toys and clothing and gift cards. It’s blown out of control due to this wonderful community,” he said.

The program is fueled by community donations, and Greeley said even those who can’t afford to help financially can always keep an eye out for ways to add a little kindness to someone’s day.

“Have your radar up and and look for chances to help,” Greeley said.

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