Nonprofit encourages dads to stay involved in kid’s lives

(NewsNation) — In a world where everything is so fast-paced, there’s a nonprofit organization helping dads to be more present and find a balance between their careers and connecting with their kids.

Jeff Usher, fondly known as Coach Jeff and the founder of Be There Dad, discussed his nonprofit initiative to keep dads involved in the lives of their kids during an appearance on “Morning in America.”

“It became my passion project because my dad was a ‘be there dad,'” he said. “He influenced my life from everything that I did. So when my kids were growing up, I asked that question at some point in time, ‘How can I be a better dad?'”

Usher said the organization was founded on a concept called the “power of presence,” which means simply that when dads are involved in the lives of their kids, good things happen.

“We encourage dads not only to reach out to their own kids and be involved with them, but to every kid that they might see in their community,” User said.

Usher says that kids get better grades and they do better socially and emotionally with a dad in the picture.

Be There Dad has partnered with schools to create and maintain dads groups in elementary and middle schools. Be There Nation is a broader coalition of dads groups.

“They support and help each other,” Usher said. “Part of the whole program is to help dads be more confident and better dads themselves, so they can help their kids and they can help others.”

Watch the full interview with Jeff Usher in the video player at the top of the page.

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