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(NewsNation) — Meet Mylan Murphy, a video creator from Akron, Ohio whose passion for all things basketball led him to perform acts of kindness in creative ways.

“My brand is all about creating, motivating and inspiring,” Murphy said during an appearance on “Morning in America”.

Mylan was active with motivational speaking and working to empower students prior to the pandemic.

Once stay-at-home orders went into effect, Motivated By Mylan was born on social media as a way for young men and women to stay connected with his motivational words.

In one of his videos, Mylan can be seen fixing the hoops of a basketball court.

“Let’s make this happen,” he said. “It’s just been such a creative outlet for so many people to visit that court that hasn’t been around for years.”

As a former college athlete, Mylan’s strong desire to create positive change has been a motto he lives by.

“The biggest thing is take a moment out of your day to make someone else’s day,” he said.

Mylan decided to get back to his athletic roots and start making sports-related DIY videos, initially, for young athletes to improve on their craft at home.

“The biggest thing is I’m just creating,” he said. “Just creating things, making something out of nothing, recycling, upcycling. I’m just having fun.”

Mylan’s audience is inspired by his inventiveness.

“I’m trying to unite everyone through that just with creativity,” he said.

Watch the full interview with Mylan Murphy in the video player at the top of the page.

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