Dad helps others with ‘how to’ videos

(NewsNation) — Ahead of Father’s Day this Sunday, NewsNation highlighted the internet’s dad.

YouTuber Rob Kenney has become an internet sensation by giving fatherly advice to those who may not have had a dad to answer their questions. Kenney started his YouTube channel “Dad, how do I?” two years ago during the pandemic, posting “how to” videos demonstrating instructions on things such as how to tie a tie, or change windshield wipers.

“You know, I learned a lot of things the hard way because my dad left when I was 14. I was just trying to pass along some information, trying to download some stuff out of my own head that I learned the hard way,” said Kenney.

Shortly after his internet debut, millions of people subscribed to Kenney’s channel. His account went viral.

“I thought I was just going to help 30 or 40 people. I’ve said that from the beginning,” Kenney explained. “And it’s true. You know, I didn’t start out to switch careers or anything.”

Kenney’s success came to him as a surprise. He even admitted it terrified him that his face was everywhere.

But two years later, he said he’s finally adjusted and feels he has hit his “stride.”

Kenney attributed the popularity of his videos to the pandemic.

“I think there’s a lot of factors. It started out popular, I think, because of the pandemic. I was lonely. You know, we were all kind of cooped up,” Kenney said.

He believes his experience without a dad has helped him relate to the feeling of not having somebody there to walk him through some basic things. This has allowed him to step into that role where he has been able to help others who are in the same position he was. He thought it would be helpful to share his knowledge.

Kenney wrote a book based off his YouTube channel — also titled — “Dad, how do I?” The book helps readers learn how to do things, but also offers advice to dads who may question how they can be a good father to their own kids.

Kenney offered some additional advice on “Morning in America” for dads to take into consideration with their own kids:

“I think forgiveness is a big thing. And it’s a big part of my story. I think kids are pretty quick to forgive you if you ask them for it. Because we’re not perfect. You know, you’re doing the best you can and kids from their perspective. They just wonder ‘Why is dad grumpy today?’ I think it’s good to come back and ask for forgiveness.”

Kenney also suggests dads write a mission statement.

“You know, people do it for businesses, why not do it for when you have your first kid?” Kenney said, “You’re making all these promises and then you know, write it down, so you have something to go back to to keep you on track.”

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