‘Dancing dad’ goes viral for Bollywood videos

YAKIMA, Wash. (NewsNation) — Known as the “dancing dad,” 49-year-old Rick Pond started making TikTok videos grooving to Bollywood songs during the pandemic to make his kids smile.

Rick started clogging when he was 8 years old and continued to dance throughout high school and college on his school’s dance teams. He said dancing has become a huge part of his life.

“I just like it. I hear a beat that I like and I just, you know, I have to dance to it,” Rick said.

He said he dances because it’s fun and that his kids make it even more enjoyable when they participate and dance with him.

Rick said he always thought about opening up a clogging studio but with work and family, life had gotten away from him. He said as a graphic designer by trade, TikTok was able to bring dance back into his life by giving him an accessible tool to showcase his moves, even just for 30 seconds

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