Florida physical therapist helps paralyzed clients walk again

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Dr. Guy Romain, owner of NeuroFit360, is helping paralyzed patients walk again.

(NewsNation) — A physical therapist from Florida is helping his paralyzed patients walk again through new technology involving a robotic frame designed with clients’ needs in mind.

Dr. Guy Romain, who in 2012 opened NeuroFit360, a facility offering high- and low-tech equipment to help people recover from brain injuries, said he wanted to help people achieve their goals.

These can be anything from standing to driving to walking. Some simply want to be able to help their families again.

“The small things that we able-bodied (people) take for granted — to see them achieve it, that’s really awesome,” Romain said.

NeuroFit360 works with patients including quadriplegics, paraplegics and those with brain injuries. The Exoskeleton, a robotic frame that lets patients stand and even walk without assistance, is an example of one of the high-tech tools used.

Romain said he expects the Exoskeleton and other technologies beginning to emerge when it comes to helping people with brain injuries to continue to advance.

His biggest advice for clients is to be patient and be consistent, he said.

“It’s a wonderful feeling,” Romain said. “It’s priceless to see somebody that came in on a power chair, and all of a sudden, they’re able to achieve standing balance.”

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