Social media app prioritizes mental health for users

(NewsNation) — RepItSocial is a choice-based social media platform that offers users a personalized approach to sharing and connecting with others.

Azalaya Fraser, CEO and co-founder of RepItSocial, discussed the new app during an appearance on “Morning in America”.

“We really realized that there is a lot of social anxiety around posting,” Fraser said. “People are, you know, they don’t know what to post, what’s OK to post.”

According to Fraser, negative comments stifle personal expression on platforms that feature a single feed.

She said people “feel like they can’t share certain parts of themselves without being judged” on social media.

“They just stop sharing and decide instead to post what they think someone else would like,” she said. “Because it’s all about the likes, and the followers, even though it’s doing nothing to grow or stimulate them mentally.”

The RepItSocial platform allows users to customize their social experience.

“We realized that there was a real need to segment user feeds,” she said. “That functionality wasn’t out there.”

It’s this customization that prioritizes a user’s mental wellness, giving them back the power to choose only the content they want to see.

When a user joins the app, they are first asked to select a series of categories that they are interested in.

The app then allows users to target posts within “flags” they’ve joined.

“Flags can be, you know, it can be countries, it can be cultures, it can be hobbies, it can be passions, it can be a personal goal that you want to manifest,” Fraser said.

The platform “promotes inclusion, diversity, and authenticity in communication.”

“We want people to rep all the sides of them,” Fraser said. “And have a place to do that.”

Watch the full interview with Azalaya Fraser in the video player at the top of the page.

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