‘I am loving, I am kind’: Teachers help kids with self-love

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(NewsNation Now) — Two educators in Atlanta are fostering confidence in the classroom by teaching kids about the power of positive affirmations.

A video of their students looking in the mirror and saying these affirmations, such as “I am a good person” or “I am strong and independent” recently went viral on social media.

Teachers Neffiteria Acker and Cierra Levay Broadway of Kindezi at Gideons Elementary School spoke to NewsNation’s Adrienne Bankert about how they are helping their students love themselves on “Morning in America.”

Acker said these affirmations are the way students start the week.

“We give them ideas of things that they could say to speak life and positivity into themselves,” she said.

Both Levay Broadway and Acker practice positive affirmations themselves. Acker has even used them with her own 5-year-old daughter since she was in the womb.

Acker would have family members, as well as her daughter, recite kind things like, “I am a fast runner,” or “I’m loving, I’m kind.” It made Acker’s daughter feel good about herself, so she wanted to bring the affirmations to the classroom.

One of Broadway’s students posts her positive affirmations on sticky notes. Another student’s father told her that his son practices affirmations at home when he’s not feeling good about himself.

The confidence the students have from the affirmations translates into them being kinder to others.

“Because they feel good and confident about themselves, they’re able to say, ‘Hey, I like your outfit,'” Acker said. “To hear them as young brown girls encouraging each other that way without having to prompt them, it literally makes our heart smile.”

Broadway said she’s shocked by the attention the video got. It was great to see other teachers saying they’re now using positive affirmations in their school.

“This is nice for us to be appreciated, too, because as you know, teachers have such a thankless position, especially now everything,” Broadway said. “It’s really nice to have our children, our students, and us be recognized for something positive.”

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