Trucker gets year’s breakfast supply after aid in I-95 pileup

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(NewsNation Now) — A truck driver who shared his breakfast with two people while they were stranded during a winter storm on one of the nation’s biggest interstate highways is being recognized for his good deed.

Jean-Carlo Gachet was trapped overnight in the gridlock on Interstate 95 in Virginia last week.

“It was just a bad traffic jam. We were both stuck for eight and a half hours,” said Gachet during an appearance on “Morning in America.” “The least I could do is offer him a hot breakfast with a cup of juice.”

Gachet shared his Jimmy Dean breakfast with two people who were stranded near his semitrailer. His truck was equipped with a microwave where he was able to heat up food. Scott Glenn, Jimmy Dean senior director, said when he heard about Gachet’s selfless act through social media, he knew he had to act.

“I found out about a couple of days after everyone was reaching out, saying, hey, give this guy a sponsorship or something,” he said.

In response to Gachet’s good deed, the food company reward him with a year’s supply of breakfast along with a donation of 100,000 breakfasts to Feeding America.

Glenn said Gachet’s small act of kindness has left a big impression on the company.

“When you have a guy like Jean-Carlo say, ‘I’m in this situation’ … late trying to make a delivery and he looks across his dash and says, ‘There’s a small way I know I can make this a little bit more ideal. We’re all stuck in this together, but I’m going to make this just a perfect start for this person with a warm breakfast.’ … And that touched (us).”

Glenn said it was important to reward Gachet because his actions in the traffic jam show the goodness in people.

“I think what Jean-Carlo did for one, we could do for many,” he said. “And that’s why not only do we want to take care of him and say thanks for doing what you’re doing and bring a little bit more sunshine into the world, but that’s why our donation to Feeding America was so important.”

Gachet said he was humbled by Jimmy Dean’s reward.

“I’m very grateful for the donation that Jimmy Dean offered. It means the world to me to be able to provide food for hungry people.”

He also shared a piece of advice for those who are looking to do good in their communities.

“Keep being kind to others. Reach out when others need help in situations, especially like that one. Doesn’t happen too often.”

As far as his big reward, Gachet said he plans to share his reward with his family and friends.

“I already had a lot of family and friends saying, ‘Hey, where’s my Jimmy Dean? Are the breakfasts full?’ So I’m definitely going to be giving that to them. For the most part, I’ll eat one here and there, but I definitely can’t, you know, save a whole year supply for myself. That’s for sure.”

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